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lirik lagu drkblu – street walks


come girl join me we are on a walk
hold me by the hand, coz we ain’t gonna talk, like that
take me to the park, into the malls

looking from above the bridges, like we gonna fall in love

someone on the other side of the door
hear you cryin’, why u cryin’, we are all alone right now
i won’t let that happen anymore
it’s an awful world we live in but it ain’t for long, my love

there’s no such a place i feel where i belong
do you also feel that way, coz i’ve been askin’ for too long
never crossed my mind before
i could find you just by chance in this lonely world, i know

look around the streets, we are so small
feel like flying, feel like dying we are on a roll, my love
come on hold my hand i’ll take you home
you don’t have to worry about yourself or anyone no more

i’ve never felt this way, not by chance
show me the life as you feel it takes you
let me uncover all of your plans
walk me throughout the places you’ve been to

i didn’t know i was bored with life
feels like we were divided just for this day
unwrap the secrets out of your mind
fill my eyes with delight as i take you

walking you home, you got scared my love
held you by your hand to make you feel safe
feeling a promise of a new life
we got confused inside of this mess, no

promise i’m never leaving your side
until we fall apart just by distance
anywhere that you go i will find
always way back to you my night street walks

walking on my own back home
walking on my own back home
walking on my own back home
walking on my own back home