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lirik lagu drenge – backwaters


[first verse]
sun’s so high, waterhole’s dry
i wanna give up, but i don’t know why
sun’s so hot that meat cooks in the shade

saw a lamb and it was choking on death
it’s mother kicked, and broken it’s neck
i never seen blood and milk mixed so divine

i never seen such beauty so malign

[second verse]
brother said bourbon never done me good
neither did a face full of campfire soot
them burning alport coals sting like a b-tch

i catch a lift on the last bus home
to the end of the line for the coppers i own
i get thrown off, hit on, beat up before i drown

in the murky backwaters i lay my body down

[third verse]
fifty stars above my head, and
thirteen scars run through my chest
blue and red blood f-ck up my veins

blackened eyes, and a purple nose
i’ve got missing teeth, got a lot of those
oh marygold, you’ve never done me no harm

oh marygold, in debt to you
don’t ever wanna say the things i’ve thought of you
oh marygold, i wrote you a love song