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lirik lagu dom kennedy – i apologize


i apologize
(feat. poly)

[dom kennedy speaks:]
welcome, welcome, welcome everybody, we doin this all the way live from leimert park california tonight, please put all tips in the jar, all tips in the jar, i brought my man poly tonight to help me out, yeah

the first we went to eat you know it transpired
i had to heat that -ss up like a campfire
my other girl tell me i’m wrong but i’m a stand by her
and i know you wasn’t out with michael you a d-mn liar
i’m knowin mostly i ain’t right but d-mn i am trying
and there’s a good n-gg- inside but man i can’t find em
i do be stylin on these hoes and well they ain’t blinded
they like international n-gg-s and well i stay flyin
she fell in love the night she caught me on that stage rhymin
she turned around i walked up and told her
“hey i am, well huh, you could use my government
dom is getting famous now i already had enough of it”
my n-gg-s get the good girls, i just get ot f-ck a b-tch
some n-gg-s want this lifestyle, i don’t get the just of it
my ex is callin right now, we shouldn’t be discussing this
i tell you your my only one, you really don’t be trustin it
gotta couple secrets locked, i don’t want you bustin it
so when i leave my phone somewhere, i don’t want you touchin it
i swear i love you so much, i don’t want you suckin it
questions bout condoms, i just get to duckin it
cheatin ain’t fun though, i just get the rush of it
it wasn’t how it looked then but honestly i must admit
comma, to whom it may concern
d-mn this boy is good hearted and soon it may emerge
it’s way more then it’s surface like the moon they say it’s curved
but until that day arrives her itune will play that n.e.r.d
cause i know how you feel, i really think you doesn’t
you said that you would wait for me, i really knew you really wasn’t
what’s up with the new guy i heard he do construction
you couldn’t make my party huh you knew i threw that function
you f-ckin with my homies now you knew i knew a justin
i just hope you happy though whatever you come up with
i ain’t send no love yet, i’m just cool with justin
besides you like fancy spots, i’m just cool with truxton’s
i don’t know what it was, i just knew it wasn’t
cause you the flash ya lights type and i don’t do the clubbin
right after the 2nd date, i don’t move to husband
and you could probably tell by now i wasn’t to accustom
to takin responsibility, i’m talking chivalry
and i’m apologizing to any girl that had to deal with me
f-ck being real with you, i’m just bein real with me
we could make a home love, you just gotta build with me
i don’t need that loud sh-t, you just gotta chill with me
if life’s a b-mpy road, it’s a lotta hills with me
never let em see you sweat, it’s a lot concealed with me
i wanna do it the right way, it’s a lot enstilled in me
and still with me is the very first time you said you will
but all i guess i really wanna know is if you still me

[hook: polyester]
it’s a shame, the way i messed around with ya heart, it’s a shame, i’m so sorry [x2]

[dom speaks:]
still miss me? nah, i wouldn’t if i was you either, i finally made you a record though, oh it’s not what you had in mind? [laughs]
if i could take it all back i would, but i can’t, and you are who you are, because of the things i did, i think about it all the time, sometimes, i just wish we could start over… guess i’ll see you next lifetime