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lirik lagu dm3 – say so


[verse i]

yea, yea, yea yea yea
wish my ex would text me tho, better yet the x and o’s
i’m just out in mexico, sippin on some texico
still ain’t got a studio, but you know that’s how it goes
yet i got the sleepy flow, leave a rapper comatose
lonny might just pull up and let you know how he walk
anyone that know me know i really am a boss
i ain’t into pot but i’ll still pull up in some crocs and hit you with a flow that’ll prolly knock you right up out your socks
just got paid it feels amazing, i just made a couple faces
and then met a couple faces cuz of faces i been making
know a girl that’s kinda basic, who’s to talk? i still wear asics
but she put me in her playlist cuz she knows i’m gettin’ payment
she asked me for a loan of 120, and i can handle it
why’d she ask lonny? she know i’m lit as a candlestick
dump your man and hang with me, really i’d be a fan of it
yo i can pay for dinner and i can cover the damages
this one 5’11, d~mn she tall
if she like me, then she best not stall
she curved me twice, i’m like d~mn she cold
lookin’ back, man we woulda had a mean pick and roll

i wanna know if me and you on the same thing?
i can’t love cuz these women like to change lanes
i gotta know if you really feel the same thing
i gotta know, i gotta know everything
if you love me then you gon’ have to say so
cuz i just pulled up with a thousand on my bankroll
if you want me, you gon have to say so
if you tryna get blessed like a halo

[verse ii]

y’all be so unfortunate, i’m eatin’, stuck my fork in it
yea she just wanna fornicate, i wrap it up like tournakit
my nuts hang like an ornament, yea i ball like tournament
if she want some more of it, i’mma give her more of it
yea i’m moving pricey, yea i’m moving sheisty
gimme bout a year then my arms gon be icey
yea she moving spicy, yea she moving feisty
i think that she like me but i can’t cuz she a pisces
ford fiesta outside get in it
take her to the back cuz the windows tinted
she let me come thru, so i guess i’m kiddin’
the flow too dry, i’m spittin’
she likes to say i’m corny and my punchlines too boring
but once she see the check she gon’ ask me bout my story
she used to ignore me, now she adore me
i could complain about it but it’s ight cuz i’m scoring
yea, man i’m way up on the moon
i said don’t fret about it cuz the album coming soon
been a long time since i dropped new tunes
but i’m so gassed up bout to drop new fumes
my life is so crazy i don’t know how i do it
all these different shades, i’m just solvin’ up a rubix
all these other rappers steading hanging off my pubics
they just wannabes i ain’t even blaming em for tryna do it
lemme make a statement, i been ballin, y’all complacent
your accolades ain’t nothing compared to mine in relation
women i been dating playing me like a station
whenever the bass hit, that’s when i’m gon make it