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lirik lagu dj narcan - rip rusbertiller


[evil spange:]
scammed a dog kennel out of a german sheperd
boutta name that boy old seargant peppers
bout to train him to sniff out weed outta peoples bags
that’s free weed for life, i ain’t never buyin a stash!!
scammed a window sill out of a blueberry pie
scammed a 8 year old out of a bike and he died!
man i don’t know, that one made no sense to me
that kid reminded me of kenny
this happened behind my local dennys
his name was some sh~t like rusbertiller
man idеk dawg, these bars are just fillеr
real crime happened when i scammed his grammiller
sold his grandmiller ozempic
why the f~ck a 80 year old got ozempic?
why she get in shape like she about to join the olympics?
bout to save my zippo someone hand me a hemp wick!

see the world through rose tinted glasses
i ain’t got glasses, thinkin about asses
they put a smile on my face every day
think about them when i’m in the rat race

spread some positivity if you shame women’s bodies
i just lit myself on fire like gandhi
i’m the voice of a generation
partic~p~ting in crimes across the nation
yeah i’m cool like gandhi with insurance fraud
scamming massachusetts out of cape cod
i’m getting a call, i’m a mafia boss!
what you need?
yea, what you need?
[evil spange:]
young t just left so i’ma fill the verse
i’m the sl!ckest scammer on planet earth
stole a kiddie’s elbow pads i ain’t gettin hurt

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