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lirik lagu dj narcan - ariana grande diss track


[evil spange:]
i’m on my big bang theory sh~t
bazinga, b~tch i don’t even watch that sh~t, what the f~ck bruh?


i’m taking grav bongs like i’m newton, b~tch
that ho crazy she on some looney toons sh~t
plus she’s got a mustache on her medusa lip

i’m tripping mad b~lls on my patio
steal my ex manager’s beat up casio
she’s swallowing my nut like pistachio

concealed weapon in my pants, got a wallet in my pants
they call me s~x ed, cuz i keep it in my pants
i’m a g like joe pesci in his prime
and yеah b~tch… i do the crime
dinnertimе in the hood, b~tch anything can happen
i’ll merk your whole family for a taste of extra bacon
it’s prime for the taking, b~tch i do the race
i’ll punch ariana grande in the face
i’m a visionary they say i’m the wizard harry
cosmo wanda, b~tch i’m not a fairy
i robbed the house from little house on the prairie
i’m down to earth, gentle, and an old soul, too
support the neighbor kids with a buck or two
nah f~ck that, i’ll steal their lemonade money
i’ll k!ll their dog, i won’t donate to charity

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