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lirik lagu dizzydre – feeling fine


[verse 1]
lately, i’ve been in my feels
trynna conceal the pain
don’t know whether or not to keep it real
but it all just feels the same
i ain’t the one to blame
you treated our love like a game
all the things we been through
never thought, there would be an issue
it’s harder to maintain a certain feeling
felt like i got trapped in my own healing
never really gonna be the same
after this people won’t know my name
d-mn, its such a shame
f the fame not the same
felt trapped in my own lane
you was my main, but that’s okay
dropping tracks to ease the pain
now i seem faded
in a different way

but that’s okay, i be feeling fine
just knowing that your not mine
just want you here by my side
say i’m fine but i’m not really fine
ask you a question maybe one more time
come back just for one more night
yeah, i’ll treat you right no more telling lies
yeah, stay with me get high
maybe one more time
and we’ll see them satellites
yeah, just one more time
i ain’t even fortified
you just by my side
i ain’t even trynna fight
girl you are mine

[verse 2]
lost all feelings because of you
felt trapped in your love that’s true
thought about the things we would do as a team
never mind that forget the wedding ring
thought you was really for it,but i guess not
coming for that number 1 spot
never gonna stop, gotta take this to the top
just know that when i’m gone
i want you to stay strong
i waited to long
now that i think about it, i was wrong
now theres a reason why i’m writing this song

you can’t make up your mind
you got me in my feelings all the d-mn time
wanna play it back like rewind
go back to a better time
no breakups back when we felt that vibe
i guess we ain’t gonna waste no more time
i ain’t trynna hit other girls lines
i just want you by my side
learning new things about life
i just gotta take my time
understand both of our lies
just know that i love you & you are mine
just want you to feel fine
you’re stuck in my mind
but it’s okay that’s fine