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lirik lagu disciple – bring the heat


give me release
i need a peace (john 16: 33)
stop the disease
the spirit sees

i need a touch hurts so much
give me a hand
hit me lord now (acts 2: 2-4)

i don’t want speak a word
without your anointing (1 john 2: 20)
i don’t want to take a step
without you in front (2 chronicles 20: 17)
i don’t want to hear a voice
unless it belongs to you (1 john 2: 27)
i don ‘t want to make a choice
that you don’t want me to (deuteronomy 30: 19)

bring it to me bring the heat
bring it to me, bring the heat (matthew 3: 11)

open my eyes (psalm 146: 8)
see my disguise
i realize
it’s what i despise (romans 7: 15)
give it to you
my will is through
i’m gonna do
what you want me to now (matthew 26: 39, romans 12: 2)