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lirik lagu diegeaux – maybelline (acoustic version)


don’t know if this is me
or someone else
called maybelline
thought maybe she would pick up
the phone ain’t even ring
so i poured another cup
these hoes ain’t sh~t
they ask why do this to myself

cause she attract me
that l~st just so enticing
got what that ass need
if she come sit it on me
it’s a spell on me
her voodoo just like poison
under hypnosis
from all her bodies motions
i don’t even know if she noticed
the control that
she’s gotten over me
maybe, i’m crazy
just crazy
and i don’t even know
if she should know this
cause i would let her
play the games
that she plays with me

just maybe for maybelline

just love me
touch me
give me
your soul please
i need
just love me

just love me maybelline
just love me maybelline
love me
just love me maybelline