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lirik lagu deyah – good kids


good kids do bad things, bad kids do dumb sh~t
i found more heart in the pub than the church check the numbers
when i retire ima open a church check the numbers
i be on beast mode in a sheep fleece check the numbers

i been ignored since like 06
back when i did boots and cats and the boots in my bag got promoted to alley way bogus
they had no motive
feds come in troops and hats i was boom and bap
more than b00bs and abs i just left my class cos i do do tracks
after school and that
jump in the coupes and cabs manna move and grab
buss a tune and chat mind the cruise and crash
if you told d she bе doing coke off a kirk franklin cd in the drivers sеat of her a3 using a 20 that she’d use for the offering at church next day
she’d deny that but life bites back
good kid ~ side tracked