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lirik lagu destruction of a king – hook ups and break ups


a flow of intensity fills my veins
i can’t believe what’s going on
it’s to insane
my heart races forward, but my mind holds back

i know in the end, i’ll fall into my own trap
but don’t forget to tell yourself
no strings attached

no strings attached
they’ll never come back
in the way you felt
when she undid your belt

no strings attached
they’ll never come back
from the promise of love
after you f-cked, and he was done

they will never come back, i promise that’s the way
they do, i see coming everytime, i see it coming

there’s always one end
who wish it was more

until they realize the run was with a f-cking wh-r-
from the heat of bodies on the floor
always together rubbing as one
to the physical touch
just way too much
and i just cant f-cking get enough

and you come to a continuing dead end
and your stuck
because you don’t want to believe your mind’s been

but you sit back and think long enough
that a hook up and break up is way too tough