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lirik lagu demoncy – angel of dark shadows


pale flesh glows in the light of the moon
forever untouched by the light of the sun
angel of darkest shadows
your beauty lies forever beyond

our hearts beat as one
as black as a moonless night,
but all things must end in time
and now the beating has stopped

the petals of black roses cover our bodies
as we lie wrapped in black lace
bound in flesh and steeped in blood
our ties shall never break

you are the moon
that shines on blackest night
you are the darkness
that consumes the light

we shall lie together
in our tomb forever
embraced in deathly sleep
astral forms rise from our bodies
to travel the forbidden dimensions
in darkness our souls
entwine as one

music and lyrics: ixithra, lord of the sylvan shadows

“…in the deepest depths of night,
hidden in shadow
our blackened souls roam free,
in sorrow under the shining full moon
amongst the withered trees
of a cold and dark forest…”