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lirik lagu dementor – devilish obsession


do not expect lies from my mouth
do not wait for betray
your heart will not be broken again
and my love will never fade out

your blood flows through my veins
we inhale the same air into our lungs
i hear through your ears
speak words through your lips

devilish obsession
fully filled with love
give me a permission
to store it in my heart

we will stay together despite evil spread by man
we will stay together despite malevolence round about
no wicked angels separate us through our love
no nasty deeds make us leave it all behind

do not mind people screaming
do not mind the weak ones praying
our love is strengthen by freedom
our feelings are cleansed by devoutness

i do not feel pain neither loneliness
when we share the universe
it is like devilish obsession
that makes me beg for more and more