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lirik lagu deborah conway – i’m not satisfied


deborah conway
i’m bigger than a rumour
i’m quicker than a cancer
and i’m not satisfied
i’m the nick on your chin
i’m the dent in your ear
and i’m not satisfied
there’s nothing i need, nothing i want from you
still i’m not satisfied
i’m easy as gin
i’m as gentle as sleep
but i’m not satisfied
i’m hard like a ball
i am tight as a wire
but i’m not satisfied
there’s something i need, something i want from you still
i’m not satisfied
i’m lost in your eyes
i’m found in your place
i’m outside your door but you’re inside my sp-ce
i’m the stain on your sheets that you’ll never erase
i’m stretched thin as paint that i threw in your face
is there something you need or something you want
from the nothing i got from you
still you’re not satisfied
you’re not satisfied
i’m not satisfied