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lirik lagu deathhammer – seduced by the flames


into the fire i go, flames dancing before my eyes
l-st and desire, satan’s call, i can feel it burning, i
can feel the fire
inferno of glorious pain, the moon glows red as i cut
open my veins
eternity opens, i heed its call, take me beyond the

seduced by the flames

my body is burning bright as the bells of doom chimes
in the night
lord of sin, guide me on my way as i face the gates of
kneeling before the endless flames, i’m one with the
night, i broke my mortal chains
blessed by satan and ready for death, i enter the
eternal fire…

seduced by the flames

dwelling beyond the netherworlds
my life was just a dream
in death is where i find the truth of life
at one with the raging fires
i’ve reach my final end
reborn in flames i walk into the neverending funeral

[lead – bowel ripper]

seduced by the flames

[lead – sadomancer]