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lirik lagu days of yore – sole hero


in heaven,
the gods stood pondering, overwhelmed by the mess caused by the mad god.
“in this world, is there any soul that can extirpate all this evil?” they wondered.
“may this one, if he exists, reveal to us before the cancerous decay reaches
the eternal skies.”
as the sole hero prepared to stand before the gods,
the evil seed was spreading out across the land,
plunging the world of the mortals into turmoil.

chaos, powers of the dark side overgrowing beyond control,
soiling all the kingdoms across the breadth of the earth.
demons, brigands and judas, killing and stealing without remorse.
fading more, day after day, the precarious flame of hope.

and the gods looked down from heaven to a world falling into decay.
the balance from the forces of law and chaos was crumbling away.
and they thought the time had come to draw out the pernicious poison.
to close the circle once more and annihilate their creation.

but came up the demigod, who was the great syrakia.
“please change your minds.” he said, “bellow still live righteous mortals.
amongst them stands a sole hero, who is my trustworthy descendant.
the sphinx he defeated, the dragon he slayed, the lures of kol he withstanded.”

and the gods looked down from heaven to the deeds of the sole hero.
they believed that his will was worth the confidence of the gods.
and they thought the time had come to p-ss on their divine power.
to grant the sword of truth once more and restore harmony in this world.

and the hero looked up to the edge of the sky,
perceived the divine sign in the depths of his heart.

sole hero in the quest for freedom, preserving hope across the land.
with the fate of the kingdoms lying in his nimble hands.

a celestal stairway appeared, a stairway that seemed to touch the sky.
the elder looked exhausted after casting his last spell,
but he managed to climb one by one the crystal stairs before coming back
with a crystal sword pendant.
the young prince stood amazed.
“the most powerful sword shall ever be nothing more than a vulgar piece of steel.”
he said. “put on this pendant.
the only sword of truth, in its time shall be revealed.”
the turn events were taking was more and more peculiar.