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lirik lagu dax – rap god (rap devil freestyle)


yeah, i tell you what
this rap sh-t’s a sport
it’s compet-tion
it’s dax!
f-ck -ss n-gg-

i’m sick of the bullsh-t
i should be on top, but i’m riding the bench
n-gg-s are blowin’ for less, i’ve been k!llin’ these beats and they don’t wanna show me respect (f-ck that)
hopped off the porch from the north, ya i came here to k!ll so i’m aiming these bars at their neck
god to these n-gg-s i took them to church cause these p-ssy -ss n-gg-s gon’ have to repent
ask any rapper ’bout dax, and i promise that n-gg- gon’ say they don’t know me
i meet ’em in person, they say they the homie, then i got the word that the n-gg- a phony
half of these rappers was made with adobe
copy and paste, they just rap ’bout a roley
cutting up rappers like barbers, ’cause i got the edge now i’m up so i fade em like kobe
all black be the fit because i’m finna murder n-gg-s here today
i was a janitor back in december then i took my sh-t and i moved to la
used to be broke, i was cleaning the floors it was overnight shifts everyday (facts)
now when i rap on an instrumental, you can guarantee my -ss gettin’ paid, uh
eminem, come find me
dr dre, come sign me
props to my n-gg- travis scott, ’cause he put a baby up in kylie
i ain’t taking disses lightly, if you gon’ talk you gon’ have to fight me
no i ain’t kanye you won’t getaway if you try to mention on my wifey
what you thought this was joke?
peep the drip n-gg- need a coat
thought i would lay down
couldn’t stay down, man dax never lost hope
now when i move they treat me like the pope
rappin’ a year but treat me like the goat
wave making people drown now i got n-gg-s hoppin’ on the boat
hoppin’ on the boat and trying to hit a lick, only f-ck wit me now a n-gg- rich
ain’t about that gold digging, f-cking sh-t
man i need a jada pinket f-cking smith (will)
n-gg-, i’m jordan so i need a pip
n-gg-, i’m harden so i need a chris
n-gg-, i’m balling gimme the -ssist
n-gg-, i’m shooting if you want a chip
real freestyle sh-t you thought wrong, i’m just blessed
this here chess, 2 moves up, i’m what’s on and what’s next
fake rap i can’t connect
no wifi that’s collect
25 for a call that’s why they make no sense
i was in the back row chillin’
now i’m in front row chillin’
man i used to walk to the studio and now i got a car so i’m riding in a rav 4 wheelin’
any other rapper vs me gon k!ll ’em
i be on my king kong sh-t gorillam
21 plus if a b-tch trying to f-ck i ain’t tryna go to jail so i ain’t gon’ deal ’em
so i went to rolling loud, made a couple k and a f-cked a bad b-tch from my fan base
then i doubled back made her -ss clap and f-ck another girl off a fan page, on a rampage
dax, ya this a campaign
i ain’t goin’ back to being broke and i ain’t f-cking with you if you d-mn lame (facts)