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lirik lagu darkwoods my betrothed – the witch-hunts trilogy


twenty years had p-ssed, happiness fad come back
only the painful memories were acting as reminders
there was a new phenomenon that made rumours spread
something was going on in the deep dark woods

a cult curtained in secrecy… or evil spirits of the night?
the nature of these mysterious creatures… and their origin were unknown

a cult of witch hunters
the offspring of the preacher and his wh-r-s

in the jet-black night of samhain
the peace and happiness were broken
the demonic hordes from the woods
stormed through the town setting it ablaze

“we have come to avenge the death of our mothers
now you can also get a taste of the inferno”

the witch hunters marched into every house
impaling the burners and their kin
the church was burned by their infernal hatred
womens raped by their infernal l-st

the men who judged the mothers to be burned
were treated like the mothers had been treated
after the horrifying hours of torture
they were tied and burned at the stake

after the task was completed the earth started to shake
the remains of the houses collapsed to the ground
the jaws of h-ll opened right where peace once prevailed
victorious had the witch-hunt been where the hunter became the hunted