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lirik lagu dag nasty – the ambulance song


i need some sleep today
but there’s another man’s shoes beneath my bed
i could relax in my favorite chair
but the seat it still warm from another man
i need to walk through this door
but somebody stood here and looked at you
he kept his eye on you
that’s what friends are for
monday morning
my head is on fire
my heart feels like a stone
it’s not a mystery to me
i should have never left you here alone
these dirty dishes and this long distance bill
i did my best to ignore
but you just swept me under the mat outside my own front door
i need some sleep
as the key turned
you must have heard
you knew the time had arrived
“oh brian’s gonna find me out”
but i was there as you slept last night
i leave this note
i need a couple of hours
maybe a j or two to calm down
but i’ll be back soon boys and girls don’t you be around
i need some sleep today
but there’s another man’s pants in my house