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lirik lagu daddyphatsnaps – titanfall 2: the protocol


[verse 1: daddyphatsnaps]
when it goes down, and you need your opposition silent
check the definition of death, read pilot
new to the job, but i k!ll like a veteran
i shoot on sight, hope you skipped a day of heparin
send you to the promised land, call me the reverand
and me and bt? like schaffer and letterman
have him step on you ’till your cranium pressures in
so what you gonna do when the red dot’s centering?

[verse 2: titan bt7274]
allow me to take over following proceedings
bt7274, greetings!
job here’s simplе, follow three protocols
same with all militia, just another port of call
link to the pilot is numbеr one overall
uphold the mission, be there for when your owner calls
number three protocol, this concerns you
protect the pilot, no matter what you do
i’ll decimate anyone foolish enough to demonstrate
against him, a k!ller, the references on my resume
can confirm, rip you from your hull when i penetrate
i never hesitate, and when you eject and detonate
i’ll goose you, only closed caskets when i desecrate
and let cooper finish you, escape like excessive weight
[verse 3: daddyphatsnaps]
that’s right, bt, the two of us only devastate
i’ll grab your soul with the grapple hook when it elevates
so how do you want it? the options are plentiful
survival’s not a choice, your death? unpreventable
like the lmg i spit fire basically identical
pop the cloak and go undetectable
or maybe i can phase shift, disappear to other dimensionals
and let eva loose, full~auto to the intestinal
and stim heal, extensible damage is unacceptable
kraber to the forehead, aiming for irreparable

[verse 4: bt7274]
and if you think running to your titan will protect you
i’ll hit him with a salvo of rockets in the rescue
i’m a mech godzilla in the game, there’s respect due
now go and tell your friends daddyphatsnaps wrecked you!

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