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lirik lagu d a y – just life


feat. 1st and swat–zy

[supreme of 1st – verse 1]
people dying people crying me trying to cope and lately it’s getting tougher and tougher my life is frozen i feel so alone and i’m putting it the open. f-ck it swat–zy that chimney ima smoke it mr harlon said naw troy just stay with focus and if you do that you be as fly as a locus. but i feel hopeless… d-mn man i don’t believe in choking so i man up never throw my hands up take command like a general and play my hand bruh two spaids and a d-mn club 2 diamond. most n-gg-s would say never mind huh not me though even though i never get to shoot a free throw and the games against me call me timmy tebow ima be around you can deal with my ego my ego

[d.a.y. – verse 2]
aye, man i do this for my family,
mama don’t work, just tryna make it before my granny leave.
they say love don’t cost ah thang but it’ll cause some pain,
but i don’t feel it like the blood that’s flowin through my veins.
get it, man love don’t mean sh-t to me, every chick i been with only
wanted one thang from me. but lets not get all into that, grinding in these streets
everyday so mama can get anything. ha now what’s the odds of me makin it,
i know my time is coming so i’m grindin on some patient sh-t.
the slip records, we bout to blow,
and we in the streets harder then some new york pedestrians.
haha, life is pretty f-cked up, but i’m hungry for success
so you know i’m finna grub, never givin up, cup full of mud,
and i’m only doin me so please don’t judge. d.a.y

[jclay of 1st – verse 3]
hardest lesson ever learned was that i had all that i needed to be successful,
but i was greedy, i let other people feed me, useless knowledge from experience,
what experience, my sentiments exactly, everybody claims to be a graduate
or athlete, outwitting the compet-tion saying this is how i did it or this is how i’ll do it if i was you,
well why is it that you don’t use what’s it for me for you
and why is it you wait to see what it is that i do
but i do, real-a-lize that i done played the fool
now you can play the victim, for i play not lose
so the hardest thing i did was just the simplest thing to do
and that’s decide what i would want from life
now look at what i do.

[swat–zy – verse 4]
electricity is cut off, but i still find the time to shine/
so f-ck the lights imma make my own/
with no cape iv flown, with no support iv grown/
to man with these bars, the slip has made me who i am/
supreme took my under his arm, and made me a key part of his plan/
so forever i’m thankful, foreal i’m just sayin/
he the reason i hold it down for jacc, and i’m gonna continue to hold it down till he’s back/
so i can make sure addison is set for life/
nuff said, no need to talk, but hold up let me say it twice, nuff said/
now let me speak it to existence, persistence and consistence/
is what puts us a head of you b-tches/
foreally, let me demonstrate the reason we doin major/
the reason we gettin paper, the reason we close to the edge, like a taper/
it’s cuz we work hard while you hardly workin/
that’s for certain, the slip, nuff said, nova gang and that’s curtains/