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lirik lagu d.a. the future – so clear


[verse 1:d.a. the future]
in these streets starving dreaming about neiman marcus/
reminiscing about when i just wanted to be the hardest/
my role model pic-sso i just wanna be a artist/
painting my vision so you know my brush game r-t-rded/

graduated from the school of hard knocks but these hoes say a n-gga so smart i shoulda gone to harvard/
sorry scholar ain’t no knowledge in your college/
for a rapper who’s only concern is dollaz and prada/

hakuna matata no worried no care/
i lost my mind in these streets and they hurried in there/
to the golden gates i’m ridin this chariot there/
this underground rout we rollin w/ harriet there/

that’s too rich for these n-ggas so strong for these hoes/
can’t shot it so they sip it slow but they feelin it tho/
i let my head back and let my eyes close/
let my head back in my headphones/

lights out head phones on/
i close my eyes and now i can see it all/
everything i see is everything i hear/
seeing w/ my eyes music to my ears/

and it’s all so clear
it’s all so clear

[verse 2: d.a. the future]
lookin at her while she lookin at the city sky/
hopin i save her from the days of barley getting by/
she said she’ll roll it but its rare you catch her gettin high/
music to my ears i swear that p-ssy sings a lullaby/

and it’s all so clear/
i see it all so clear/

flow edgar allan poe yea these hoes say its obserd/
how i close my eyes and see a movie out of spoken word/

& now the soundtrack is gun claps & tires screeching/
lil kids screaming round here it ain’t no humming birds/
but you can heard them bullets hum if you ain’t runnin 1st/
man down you could see his body hit the curb/

ever clear this the strongest sh-t you’ll ever hear/
make the song cry when i rhyme never shed a tear/
ain’t too in to sports and that’s cuz i ain’t never care/
them boys made it out i’m still in here playing musical chairs/

skip these seats to a beat pray my spot is secure/
flow sick as cancer and they never finding a cure/
blue magic spitting n-gga you’ll never find it as pure/
naked truth in rhyme but the well dressed lies for her/

all rise but only god can judge me/
you might move a crowd or two but none of y’all can budge me/
i seem the hardest of the hardest ever turned to lunch meat/
hustler of his cl-ss graduated to a junkie/

from reality lane where that real sh-t is all i see/
them boys on the corner of that fraud way & front street/
open up a million doors all i need is one key/
but that one key could cost you your heart beat/
then it’s