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lirik lagu crossfire – good father


i still see your face smile and your shadow
i still see everything about you
i hope you can hear me now
i dont know why you can touch dream of us
dad that’s is so really f-ckin hard life without you
so sleep well and we will see you in heaven
i close my eyes, try to forget all memories
never ends my tears, never end my pain
sad.pain.why you never gone.
sad.tears.why you never gone.
if i can touch the time i will make it all alive and kill the pain and kill the pain for lastforever.2x
your gone.your gone.
never end.never end.never end my tears.
song ii:
i call you in my heart.god give me one more time.
for make it better.for us and for him.
wish you f-ckin life.
memories.feel memories. memories.feel memories.
memories i’m so crumble.
i try for not sad.
but love is gone.
i try for nothing.
but love is gone.
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