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lirik lagu cross country gang – the greatest


i got money on my mind yea you know i’m focus
i gotta duece inside my faygo b~tch it got me floatin’
n~ggas dissin’ on the gram we always catch em loathing
put my all into theses raps yea i know i’m chosen
can’t be loving thotty i know she’s a goer
every time i leave the house i can’t forget my blower
she just came and top me off but i don’t even know her
swear we came up from the bottom i use sleep on the floor
counting up these racks trynna make em touch the ceiling
you better go and get a bag and get up out your feelings
yea f~ck a 100 racks i’m trynna touch a million
yea i know smell like pressure when i walk in the building

shootin’ for the stars got three jobs so i be workin’ yeah
bouta cop a stick cause these f~ck n~ggas be lurkin’ yeah
and i am not alone ma b~tch pull up wit a birkin yeah
cut some n~ggas off from the neck but ain’t no surgeon yeah
i pull up in a a white foreign
trappin’ i’m up till the mornin’
gettin’ to it n~ggas sleep
the gang bouta eat while you n~ggas be snorin’
plottin’ just ta drop a couple bands on my fam cause b~tch they deserve it
got in the booth and i stop being nervous
monitor work i’m doin for a purpose
out wit the gang and b~tches can’t ignore
i came from the bottom i came from the floor
my wifey so bad she be dressed in dior
ain’t chasin’ this cup cause all i do it pour
we bouta win yeah
under dogs from a beater now we pullin’ up in a benz yeah
straight out the projects with all of my n~ggas and we bouta spin yeah
spin the block check my mirrors fore’ i turn
somethin’ like a phoenix b~tch you that we gon’ burn
never worry bout how much money that i earn
none of y’all concern
sorry if i’m slurrin’ it’s cuz that dirty’s in the mix
i could chef it up like curry in the finals game 6
why they hatin’ on the kid i think i know it’s cuz i’m rich
40 on me that’s my blower i ain’t talkin bout ya b~tch
run ya sh~t p~ssy

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