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lirik lagu cristina morrison – princesa baronesa


[intro: spoken]
(yo soy princesa baronesa)
(that’s what she’s been talking about)

[verse 1]
it was a very starry night
and we were out and about
at beto’s bar looked like the place to be
while we were lighting a joint
el cabo pisco walks by
oiga señorita, le espera el capitán

el bolo’s saying: why, why why?
minino dice: ¿qué, qué, qué?
and ana whispers: weed, weed, weed, weed
we wonder what the h-ll we did?

[verse 2]
and it turns out that in town
the rumor spreading around
about some naked gringas taking sun
we were accused of a crime
it’s true, we did cross the line
god d-mn, we are the guilty ones?!

el capi dice: please, please, please
you cannot really do this here
and i was saying: what, what, what, what?
hable serio, capitán! (hable serio, capitán)

[bridge: spoken]
soy la princesa baronesa
capitán, ¿pasaportes?
¿pero cómo que pasaportes, capi?
nosotros somos de aqui, ¿no ves? ¡en serio!
soy la princesa baronesa
bueno, la baronesa, todo el mundo me conoce como la baronesa, baronesita o baronizer
(that’s what she’s been talking about)

[verse 3]
it was a very s-xy bar
the clock read quarter to five
the time was right for us to have a scotch
the sketchy hang was at the square
the boyz were up to no good
¿que fué? i heard it from the curb

el cuarto grita: habla, ya
pirata’s saying: yeah, yeah, yeah
el diablo dice: ¡sí, sí, sí, sí!
¡los cocos te los bajo yo!

[verse 4]
the sun was cooking villamil
the dock was covered with seals
and frigate birds are trying to steal the show
the swell is looking really sick
so take a run to the hut
time out, to ride that gnarly wave

hermano ha dito: ¡no, no, no!
el kino’s saying: yeah, yeah, yeah!
and fufi’s smiling: go, go, go, go!
i just want to smoke a blunt, ma

soy la princesa baronesa
soy la princesa baronesa
soy la baronesa, baronesita y baronizer
hable serio, que soy la baronesa
prin… prin… princesa…
princesa baronesa