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lirik lagu crescenda- andrea pearson-haas – touch


you were always so eloquent
could of swore you were heaven sent
the sunrise in your eyes
after a few sleepless nights

like the way
i kiss your lips
restless nights
you’ll never forget my fingertips
when i touch
i touch

i’ll let you sleep peaceful
while i collect my thoughts
it’s pure fire of desires
when you touch my spot

like the way
you kiss my neck
restless nights
we’ll never forget
when i let you touch
i let you touch

you touch every inch of me
a maxed bet couldn’t wager
i’ll let you take all of me
acre by acre
like the way
i/you kiss my/your neck/lips/
restless nights
we’ll/you’ll never forget /my fingertips
when i let you//touch
i let you//touch