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lirik lagu ​concealer. (band) - ​cindy, the tv is leaking...


“i saw a tape. i think you should know about it, it had these really shocking images.”
“brenda, it was mardi gras, i never drank vodka before.”

these words
you won’t get far
you think this hurts?
your serrated promise stings as it drags across my heart
drags across my heart

every day felt the same
and i couldn’t tell the difference between asleep and awake
is this all we are?
scratch at the stars that kiss you goodnight

every second spent
so much pain to miss
you had your fix
the locket with a kiss
that i clench inside my fist
will look better in your blood

inside i find
(cutting clouds just to drown mysеlf to sleep)
another piece of mе has died
(just a slip of the tongue; the burden of self~reflecting)
now you will too

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