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lirik lagu cmrb - one punch man vs caillou


[verse 1: one punch man]
hey genos, who’s this itty~bitty kid throwin’ tantrums?
a whiny mini~me who’s gonna be abandoned by his mother, grandma and dad and i just find it sad that…
instead of having the fight that i’d better have
i’m babysitting a f~ckin’ lego man
don’t get all sad, you’ll get your turn at the mic, and after you’ve said your raps
i’ll put you to sleep with ease; no bedtime story or any cr~p like that
you better ask tatsumaki; i’ve never met a match with petty brats before
in fact i wreck ’em fast~ i’ll set you back more than stage 4

[verse 2: caillou]
mommy! daddy! look! it’s a real superhero!
i’ve seen him on tv when he’s beating monster weirdos!
you punched a giant meteor and that was super awesome! now let’s see you smack the coldest f~cking stone since steve austin
vocals so hard, motherf~ckers wanna fine me
so go and try to fight me
you c~class on the mic, g
’cause fubuki’s on my d
i’m a dragon~level threat, firin’ up these rap tracks
you’d never make it to s~class, because you’re stuck in ass class
speaking of ass, that first comic’s art just hurts
you call yourself one punch? there was zero in that verse
like season two, you’re slow, bro
all your training? hardly swole, bro
hat all backwards, ridin’ yolo
capes ain’t matched for the yellow polo
don’t f~ck with me; i’ll fight you
n0body even likes you
i’m unmatched, i’m ripe too
i’m everything i’d like to
i’m cold as sh~t like ice cubes
i’m nothin’ like your kaijus
i’m raw sh~t, i’m hype, dude
i’m real, son, i’m caillou

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