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lirik lagu ciaran – love me


oh,oh i need you to love me
oh,oh i need you to love me

[verse 1]
i knew it all too well back then, (all to well)
thought i was yours but you were playing pretend
told me your little white lies and swore we were fine
but i’m fine, so i guess i’ll get back in line
so leave me slowly
and act you don’t know me
but i’m fine, yeah i’m fine on the sideline
ooh~ooh, love me

[verse 2]
i’ll say it once and i won’t say it again, (say it again)
i needed you and we’re playing pretеnd
like a storybook you played with my heart
yеt out story wasn’t there from the start
write your jokes and help me with my lines
but you were never gonna give me that time
the time, i needed most, yet you broke
the one promise we made

love me
i need you to love me
ooh,ooh,oh, love me
love me
love me