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lirik lagu chicharones – media frenzy


verse 1
jm: roll into the party, kiss the farmer’s daughter
kissed a lot of desperadas, and did a lotta travels
and half the battle, is catching on to patterns
so fol-low the trail of death rattles

sleep: time to skeedaddle, follow the wind to where it
take us,
all the way to cali to get famous..
jm: it went around the world on the wings of a bird,
and now its the pigs that got ya scurred…

sleep: overnight sensation, the media loves me
people want to hear about my travels to different
they ask when i’m coming if i’m the same as when i
or if i’ve changed since i was first reported.

jm: nightly news views, change like my shoes
sir over here / where ya from? / why’d you come?
sleep: they cant get enough of me, rose to fame
what chu want? just looking for someone to hold me

sleep: everybody, everybody c’mon.
and do a dance with me. c’mon.
jm: every-body loathes me, and no – body loves me…
i must be the loneliest talk of the town.

verse 2
jm: if you dance for me first one’s free ( first one’s
if it’s on me now it’s on you ( now it’s on you)
spread it around (spread it around) go tell a friend
what goes around (what goes around) comes round again
(comes round again.. ha …ha)

can’t get enough sp-ce i’m always in the public.
my reputation getting shredded amongst them.
saying i can’t be trusted or i’m overrated.
i’m going places, but i still know i’m hated.
but that’s what i get for keeping my head to the sky,
dreaming i could fly. all i did was try.
what a crazy ride. can only tell with time,
if i’ll be remembered, after i die.

verse 3 – soggy bottom bridge
now that i can fly, i’m never going back to that old
i’m grabbing my girl gonna travel around the
world…and taste the life.