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lirik lagu chelsea grin – revenant



i’m inside your head
i am the reason you cannot sleep i am the voices in the back of your head
i know the secrets that you’ve never said i’m always with you and i’ll never leave
you see the world as your own, and you don’t give a d-mn about anything other than yourself
you won’t stop until you have your greedy hands on all that ever brought anyone happiness
this is how you accepted my presence, and now you will never get rid of me
scream as loud as you can it doesn’t make a difference, you will never be without me l
i am inside your head i won’t leave until your dead
i am inside your head
i’m the reason that you bled
i’m the reason that you bled
it’s too late to turn back now, the world is not your own, another minute put to rest
i have your soul you will perish