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lirik lagu casual fan – stay


the road forms a line in the sand
over the hill
over the land
the sea has made a divide between you and i
you’re all that i’ve ever known
but you’ve never really felt like home

oh you know the reasons why
you know the reasons why
i can’t stay

i remember those days with you
my memories tangled up in blue
it’s 31 degrees and i
and i’m up again
now i’m saying things i don’t even mean
my mind’s burst at the seam

oh you know the rеasons why
you know the reasons why
i can’t stay

give mе time
where would i run to but you
sleepless nights
it’s been this way since june
given time
i don’t know where i would be
you know that i’ll be fine
walking these far away streets
and now far past the borderline
i’m changing my mind
i’m leaving all the time
but don’t worry, i’ll be fine
don’t worry, i’ll be fine