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lirik lagu cash carter – two words(freestyle)


head in the clouds feet on the pavement
a n-gga act foul then we bring it to him flagrant
no money making in they house boy its vacant
we at the top they bottom bas-m-nt
they stare in a amazement i never be complacent
i stack paper and i give you entertainment
since a young n-gga had to be rich
i love life but at times she could be a b-tch
to these hoes i ain’t sh-t look at my car
my dedication good but i ain’t a star
they say i’m getting better some say i’m sub par
became a different man on the fourteen of march
two words get money flipped a few birds and i got money
had to change it up and i mean appearance
got them thangs for the low like the on clearance
i’m on my high horse i’m running this race course
a n-gga gotta problem bring the guns like a task force
yea n-gga that’s real talk
them guns do you in outlined in white chalk
the style never duplicated
i’m the truth boy nothing near overrated
they looking sideways i’m feeling h-lla hated
f-ck cash be them words them b-tchs stated
i’m getting money my n-gga but that’s a understatement
on my way to the throne like i was reinstated
and my n-ggas on they way to k.e.b and rich times 2
a.m.g be the crew sick like the flu
i’m an outkast skew it on the barbeque
two words take notes
loose lips sink ships don’t get on the boat
still on that other sh-t born to that gutta sh-t
ima stunt look at the carrots in the bracelet
these streets really get addictive cigarette
i don’t think they get the picture or the feeling yet
that i does this i’m that n-gga you old heads was this
(old head)
so embrace it success so close swear to god i can taste it
for real