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lirik lagu candlemass – abstract sun


abstract sun
abstract sun, you’re the sanskrit in my book
dominion, innocence and pride you took
as a god, i drink the beauty with my eyes
as a man, i do become what i despise
the first time i tried, i bled and i died
out of the jar to this flamboyant star
drawn like a moth, clutching because
the idol was there, i approached struck with fear
locust sun, you’re the apple and the pie
appolyon, wrapped in ash and so am i
and i ask, do men cry or am i wrong?
gone too far will i live to end this song?
again now i crept, i saw and i wept
so near, still so far, i’m nothing at all
the last time was right, i gave you my life
the purpose i found and now i am gone
into the abstract sun