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lirik lagu callon b – what love it


[verse 1: callon b]

uh you know what love is
mysterious mix of emotions
a four letter word of substance
or a dose of oxytocin number nine potion
it’s all alchemical so unexplainable
transcends the physical stimulates the spiritual
emulate wavelengths higher vibrational
beauty of ethereal unforeseen miracles
so what is love then ask old me man its all bull shhh
young taurus so egotistical pride driven principles
arrogant individual pitifully dependable
on the material self centered miserable
probably why i’ve been alone so insensible
abused the sensual excuse habitual
so i never got to get to know you before i let you go

[hook 1: callon b]

my past keeps coming back as a ghost trying to prove it’s point but i’ll never listen ha
i’ll make the same mistakes because i don’t know what love is yet the word seems to lose value the way it’s thrown around
we love this we love that we love things we don’t know how to love each other it’s like the world forgot how to love
so um lets break it down like this

[verse 2: callon b]

yeah you know what love is
a four letter word with a purpose
a world full of hope and encouragement
so let me break it down you deserve it the you n i verses
l for the life that i’m living
om and i spread this optimism
v for the value of virtue
e elevates the eternal
reflection from birth it’s a lesson
we learn to project it and share the expressions
you tried to show me i denied rejected your cries for acceptance we’re one in the same yet so disconnected neglected your natural perfections
i am so ashamed wanted you to be someone that you ain’t
look who you became for publicity’s sake
now it ain’t the same still stuck here in the same place

[hook 2: callon b]

but i’ll find my way love callon
they say time heals all wounds
but it could also make things worse if its just left unaddressed
uno we give so much of ourselves and so much love and then there isn’t anything left for us
so why are you the last person you think about loving
and how does that affect your interactions with the ones you love

[verse 3: callon b]

yo tell me what love got to do with being a man and handling yo biz the biochemical blueprint
what’s your ulterior motive
some overuse it say it to loosely
they don’t even mean it seems diluted
loosing the impact and the influence
that i once felt before i fell for the illusion
of grandeur allusive standards of humanly manners
consumed in the glamour and glitter
saw you in the mirror and you cried me a river
you wouldn’t even listen just scrolled on twitter
wishing that you had what you saw in the pictures
missing what you had in a pool full of liquor
you can numb pain but you just get sicker
you can run away but it won’t heal quicker
a scar stays with you but you can take charge take dominion exert 528 hz we are all transmitters
divine dynamism metaphysic mechanism
conceptualize actualize a life you envision
balance your masculine feminine energy’s
no imagination is stagnation
hey callon hope that you’re hearing me
learn to love you like i do sincerely b

[outro: callon b]

now see this thing called love
and it’s impediment and proponent energy’s
is the singular holo functional statement
that underlies the entire universal and creational reality
that we are apart of and that we live within and lives within us church
seven princ~p~ls of love
like this
self and unconditional
and cosmic love
djunk for president
yeah vice president the mayor haha
what up a
j skrilla on the beat aka love jones
i love you all and so does b