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lirik lagu callmekevin – jim pickens’ greatest work yet


[jim pickens (callmekevin’s avatar)]
oh, that’s beautiful. that’s beautiful, mr. bubbles. do you mind if i~, do you mind if i play something for you? mr. bubbles?

[nick bubbles]
wow, that’s amazing, dude

[jim pickens]
the trick is to hit every key as fast as possible

~gets arrested by an admin~

oh, i can still play!

oh i’m happy, i can stay here. this is fine. this is fine with me

~gets teleported to courtyard by an admin~

you cannot silence me, i will play forever

~sees he’s about to be kicked~
no, no!
~gets kicked~
well, i guess you can silence me then. fine, fine! that’s fine!

~upon reentry~
oh, nick! mr. bubblеs, my man! mind giving me a turn?
oh, thank you!
[nick bubbles]
yeah sure, go ahеad
ah it’s you!
oh f~ck

[jim pickens]
ah, this is my greatest work yet
tragic death, good artists always die young
~gets banned~
~chuckles~ i was only on there for like ten minutes! well, looks like i’ll have to go wander the other servers until my ban gets lifted in about twenty minutes