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lirik lagu c-note – im on fire


[hook: breadhead $mally]
im on, im on, im on
im on, im on, im on
im on fire
im on, im on, im on
im on, im on
im on fire

[verse 1: breadhead $mally]
blazing hot, im turning up
im real litty, im drunk as f-ck
standing around up in the club
hating n-ggas don’t show you love
walkin in n-ggas mean mug
thats my shoulder, do the lean shrug
p-ssy n-ggas yeah they mean mug
but all the b-tches show me good looks
im on one i popped a bean
leaning left with the .30 beaming
you forgot it was the team
im on one, so what the f-ck you mean


[verse 2: c-note]
im on fire you can’t put this out(can’t put this out)
im turned up you can’t turn me down,(can’t turn me down)
yall sounding quiet man this some loud(man this some loud)
yall might wanna try a different route(call up plug
got the sauce you can’t stir this up(can’t stir this us)
i got the juice she wanna drink it up(wanna drink it up)
been down so long you know im coming up(we coming up)
money long range you know we keep in touch(aye)
hold up
c-note, $mally on the beat(on the beat)
yeah we on fire and this some heat(this some heat)
we might just drop sh-t every week
give middle fingers to our enemies
they come up missing its a mystery