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lirik lagu buzz poets – closethead


i’m flying, i’m flying away
all night long my body burned, the sheets were wet and cold
the lights were on, my eyes were gone, and any second lose control
the pounding in my window or just the pounding in my head
i wonder who was in my room last night.
who the h-ll was in my bed?
there must have been a body there
i swear i smelled some flesh
it took a little time but i figured they were mine
there were fingers going down my chest
my mouth went through the ceiling and my body fell to the floor
i couldn’t find a key cause there was nothing i could see
and so i ran through the door
the cops, the priest, the crisis line, and no one really had a clue
no one to tell us who was touchin’ me
or exactly what i could do
my throat was dry my hopes were high
but nothing really ever got said
but who was in my room last night?
who the h-ll was in my bed?