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lirik lagu brandy – in the car interlude


in the car (interlude)

keys dangling
alarm (boink boink!)
car start up
music playing in the background (that’s why i lie by ray j.)
“ray j., ray j. all day”

dial tone
phone dialing
phone ringing

brandy: come on, pick up
fred: h-llo?
brandy: rodney?!
fred: hunh? this fred
brandy: oh i’m sorry hi freddy!
fred: what the deal b-rocker?
brandy: nuttin’ i miss you man
fred: yeah
brandy: i ain’t seen you in a while what’s goin’ on?
fred: i hear you throwin’ that ray j. joint in the background
brandy: yeah me and joi about to go meet him up at the beverly center
fred: right
brandy: oh yeah where rodney at?
fred: right here. hold on for a second

–background: ray j. music continues, you can hear fred calling rodney–

rodney: h-llo?
brandy: rodney eee eee (laughs)
rodney: brandaaaay yeah
brandy: what are you doing?
rodney: workin’ on another joint
brandy: really? for who?
rodney: you
brandy: see i’m about to start beefing with you
rodney: brandy, another hot joint
brandy: for real?
rodney: wanna hear it?
brandy: yeah