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lirik lagu boonie mayfield - forever i go


something ain’t the same
or is it all the same?
’cause every time i go out
i wish i never came
i used to love to show out
now i just refrain
i thought i’d never grow out of trying to entertain these broads
y’all treat them like y’all praying to gods, it’s only beauty
go spend a whole day in them drawers, it’s only booty
of a single mother, you’re trying to shoplift the pootie
i digress
pardon my scatterin’
i just haven’t been focused enough
to gather in my feelings weighing on my chest
so i’ma get them off and move on
and close an old chapter i’ve been holding on for too long
i’ve been thinking i need a new home
now that i’m older, i’m feeling more like an alien
maybe in a bigger city, i can feel like i’m avian
flying higher than i can imagine having a stadium
full of fans with their hands high to the sky
entertaining them with my art pouring out of my heart
it’s been my dream from the start
so, forever i go
yeah i’ma get it, i know
’cause i ain’t letting it go
cause i ain’t letting it go

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