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lirik lagu boneflower – land and sand


lost at sea of blurred faces.
can’t find closure, the conclusion of this chapter.
it’s like the book that never ends, unfinished poems in my head.

and after all, the signs are very clear.
too many gardens of bones now start to wither.
you always want to stay the same but i am growing older.
now let it die!
now let it die!
now let it die!
now let it die!
i know that i can have my best
intentions. i know that i can offer more.
i’ll prove you didn’t have your best
intentions. i’ll prove you could have offered more.
ship at sea, i row against the waves.
the past is haunting, it’s trying to make me sink.
land and sand are now at reach, the sh-r- is just in front of me.