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lirik lagu bolaji x teminiyin – i can



see, in philippians 4, we have this verse that i think is the most misquoted verse in the world ‘ehm’ and that is is philippians 4:13. most of you know phillipians 4:13 ‘i can do all things through christ who strengthens me’

[chorus]: bolaji and teminiyin

can i, can i, can i, can i, can i?
can i, can i, can i, can i, can i?
can i, can, i can, i can, i can, i can
can i can i?
i can

[verse]: bolaji

i can (i can)
ctrl s superman (superman)
woke up today feeling like i’m the man
touch my dream, i’ll be your nightmare
congratulations, i’m alive i’m here, resurrection
diamonds don’t compare
give me this and give me that, where?
instagram standards, i don’t care
just for clarity, i don’t careee