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lirik lagu bloodshed – angels of death


you are screaming, you are dead in pieces you don’t know what to do,
but the angels of death come to take you you don’t want to go but
you don’t have how run away they carry you as if you was a sack of
sh-t and they take you for the h-ll where satan will eat you alive.
you try to fight but don’t have how to escape from of the angels of
death they are not angels with rings they are angels with h-rns.

when you arrive to the h-ll the only thing that you feel
it’s a lot of pain but she p-sses fast as soon as you see
they cutting you to offer yours meat and blood to satan,
don’t try to scream, n-body can hear you because
you are in the kingdom of satan, they will eat you alive,
and your head will be used for satan drinks yourself blood in its.

you liked that? if you liked it keep doing what you are doing
that the next to be carried by the angels of death will be you.