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lirik lagu bladee – waster


f-cked up for days, can i catch a break?
just wanna go away, make it go away
just running through the days, running through the pain
bring my life to waste, was it all a waste?
was it all a waste? was it all a waste?
i’m smoking so much dope, can i take i break?
i know you know i know i made a mistake
i’m just trying to touch the real but it’s plastic, fake
plastic face, tragic on the way
only way i make it through the day is, i can’t say
i can’t say, sorry, i can’t say
sorry mom, i know you hate to see me this way

fall in love and jump
are you drunk? i was acting dumb
pills under my tongue, i feel numb
don’t like anyone, empty, fill my cup
i f-cked up, cut me up, my cut
catch you out, you’re slumped, he’s a b-m
drain gang, yeah, we on, i’m the chosen one
the f-ck you thought? get back what i love
i make the call, are you slow? reap the risk i sow