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lirik lagu bladee – party w me


[hook: bladee]
i just want to believe
she wants to wake up with me
wounds that i try to conceal
wounds make me feel like i’m real
true in the summer i heal
working so i get no sleep
who wants to party with me?
cocaina, pills and weed

[verse 1: bladee]
if you want me, girl, you have to pay in blood
i don’t have a love, but you can take my word
hold it to my wrist, i have to make me break, make me break (x2)
i wait my turn, i get what i deserve
i don’t care what you love, i’m gonna watch you burn
don’t make you worse, you don’t wanna make me hurt
i’ll get you first, there’s so many ways to love

[verse 2: virus]
if you could party with me, you could come to dance with me
i’m just gon’ to release all my demons that’s inside me
20 minutes, and i’m gonna leave, i never said you could touch me
you are just tryna get seen, cuz there’s no one that is like me
cuz there’s no one that is like me


hey, what’s happening, tell ’em follow me, cuz i’m the most t-heh. [?]. forever virus. it’s fall off season
you might have been a thing, but you expired now, pshh
[?], cuz your mind numb

[hook: bladee]