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lirik lagu bladee – okk


swear, bro, they keep callin’ me, you know? talkin’ ’bout nothing, man, like, like i’m, pshh, i’m like, i’m bossed up now, you know? like, just like…

she said she’s for my heart, but it takes me to square one
she wanna open my scars, baby, let’s do it
you wanna treat me like that? okay, i’m with it
said she don’t like these other guys, but they just like me
kingdom for you, drain god for you
forward one step, back two, you know how we move
mission impossible, tom cruise
die hard like bruce for you, for you

no, i can’t even lie to you, like, i know you see me on youtube and sh-t, like, like, i’m famous, like, you think i’m famous, or like, i’m like, better than everyone…

oh, you say it’s declined? huh? you said it was declined? aight, sh-t. well, try my mastercard, bro. yeah, yeah, yeah, i got money on my mastercard for sure….