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lirik lagu bladee – obedient


[verse 1: bladee]
can’t you see it, bad dog, but for you i’m obedient
trash star, cross my heart, that’s the reason
look up at the stars, they’re retreating
don’t get lost, don’t live what i’m preaching
drain jesus, ice me immediately
can’t even come home when it’s freezing
925, bury me in my medallion
smell like spray paint, yeah, what i’m off of
lean got the gas, i won’t stop, i can’t stop
can’t even see clear, where i’m at though
this not a mansion, it’s a castle
you a f-ckboy, heard it from ecco
drain show no face, came through the back door
i can’t even bring no girls in my section
feel like od9, i’m a dragon
i can’t even talk to myself cause i’m wrong now
white gate calling me, won’t be long now
i can’t even put those words in my songs now
big strong compounds, life, i get crossed out
siren calling, ambulance sound
drain gang, track you down like a blood hound
i can’t even trust myself when the night comes
4 doors, red or blue, pick the right one
it’s some writing on the wall, it said “die sc-m”
no heart, but i do wish i had one
come on baby wanna know what i’m scared of
don’t worry, it’s been taken care of
bet i’m coming for the trash like a trashman
h-ll gang, put that back in the trash can
i can’t even trust myself when the night comes
step on my head twice like a c-ckroach

[verse 2: ecco2k]
every time i close my eyes i stop existing
every now and again i can’t tell the difference
woke up falling, i’m still falling off of buildings
want a new addiction, wanna fall victim
something, you might crush my heart but i’ma risk it
and i’m still sinking, need a curse lifted
blacklisted at all the clubs but i can fix this
think i need st-tches, pray to three sixes

i wanna see heads roll, execute past life
hundred white birds, 99 fall out the sky
fast life, race against time, it will outrun you
rains return to the earth, sunlight to the underworld
maybe in another life we could be lovers
eversince we met these thoughts keep getting worse
iron will, ironed shirt, now i want a fendi purse
i don’t talk with empty words, what is any of it worth

every time i close my eyes i go to prison
every now and again i can feel the distance
woke up running, i’m still running through the system
want a new sickness, want to fall victim
somewhere, someone broke your heart but i’ma fix it
and i’m still wishing for that first kiss
get blacklisted at all the clubs in seven sisters
industry children, play with three sixes

every time i close my eyes i stop existing