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lirik lagu bladee – invisible


[intro: bladee]
i want to wither with her
my vision is blurred
too many words
words i don’t deserve
i won’t return
cause i withered my world
still i’ll be waiting if the winter returns

[verse 1: bladee]
does this mean you want to talk to me now ?
i can’t do that cause its hard for me now
i’m trying to stay far from the ground
feeling kinda like a star falling down
i’m going to be your shadow tonight
i can’t get the darkness out of my mind
all this ice that’s in my life made me blind
blood dripping from my eyes when they cry

[verse 2: uli k]
i can’t trust my heart, cause its broken
i can’t feel my heart, i been smoking
but i hear your voice
and it’s torment to my soul
but i see your eyes
and there is no sacrifice
tried to fix up but i’m broken
you should know my words
but they are not spoken
but i hear your voice
and i’m closer to the truth
then i see your eyes and i can’t see any truth