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lirik lagu bladee – botox lips


yeah, i’m weak it’s, that’s my only weakness
you gon’ leave me speechless, i can’t beat this fever
yeah, i’m speeding, i am off the meter
i am not a dreamer, i could be your teacher
nice to meet you, wouldn’t wanna be you
for you, i am see through, can’t you see i need you
i can treat you good if i can reach you
in the night, i beep you, like i’m r2-d2

20 stacks, i spent that on trees
and you can’t smoke that with me
you can’t even talk to me, my agency need a fee
got the gift, god gave it to me
they wanna take it from me
what do you want me to be
make a wish, it’ll turn it to me

[hook x3]
botox lips, goodnight kiss
blood and spit, i wait for it
are you up, try this, gloves don’t fit
hands don’t grip, six dices