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lirik lagu black jewsus – morning anthem



(verse 1:skywalker high)

i smoke heavily, heaven sent like i’m heavy d
politics and hollowtips, bernie madoff can’t f-ck with me
thinking about that cash flow
one hit drink this, i’m mad slow
pulled apart the seven seas on your knees in the breeze
i’m rolling hydro
3rd eye seeing, prominent machine slinging
shots fly by, sh-t will leave your ears ringing
no demographics the public can suck it
rap all off subject, in my mind your just another puppet
make no decisions, pulling strings like its none of your business
bang heads, critcal conditions make you start trippin
im throwing bombs in your trenches
not a black jew but i get lifted
my d-ck is 9 inches
double prime smoke rhymes
my sh-t is that twisted
spit birth, silver surf the earths
im gone
im gettin mad lifted
wake up, bake up, get my cake up
or shape up 2 sl-ts who only f-ck when we smoked up
i roll up like hold up

(chorus:skywalker high and mike of doom)

wake up
bake up
cake up

wake up bake up cake up
i’m tryna get paid
wake up bake up
i’m tryna get blazed

(verse 2:mike of doom)
roll another lets get started
black jewsus we the coolest, got them harvard girls r-t-rded
our movement be the music, like the seas them legs done parted
my d-ck might sink a cruise ship iceberg shawty i’m the hardest
got dammit i done landed, coming down from another planet
feet hit the ground, no sound no damage
cuz i float, coast to coast
but you already know, that ya bro
still standing but i’m above you, so i high i can see whats you under you
play this sh-t like a cover-2, blow a field of clovers
all ws, no bush, george kush
would it trouble you? cop a dub or two?
blow a blunt my dude
cuz we given no h-lls, heavenly bodies when we inhale
my mind elevates, my soul propels
i do this so great i should tutor you yeah?
cl-ss in sesh n-gga roll some l’s, we dont get stoned n-gga you goin fail
skip this cl-ss, learn some math
mutiply and add then apply to that cash
subtract the bullsh-t, divide the lies
get some -ss, times that by high
roll up some gr-ss then kiss the sky
repeat the last step and i bet you p-ss, i bet you p-ss